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Locally carved here in NZ, the Patu is a historical Maori weapon which makes it very unique and holds special meaning behind it. The evolution of the Patu now means that it can be used as the representation of the key to life. It gives the recipient strength and courage to face and achieve anything in life. Patu is a beautiful gift from the heart and holds precious meaning. The Stand is included. 


  • Material: Swamp Kauri 
  • Colour: Natural brown 
  • Sizes can vary (custom) 
  • Locally made 
  • Customisation available 
  • Carving available upon request 

    Ready for your custom piece?

    If you would like to customise your piece or have a request, please contact us directly here.

    Here at EKL, Our hidden skill is creating peoples dream tables! Having no boundaries, lets your mind wander and create your dream furniture pieces. We have a massive range of different sizes, shapes & colours for our Kawhi tables. feel free to contact us for more information. 

    Please note: these are stock standard pricing. Please enquire if you are after a certain size.